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pidan® Dr.P Deodorant Magic Powder - 8 Bags

VersionWidthHeightDepthItem number
29.00 cm7.00 cm15.00 cmPD1901S2



Made of natural mineral, no chemical and fragrance.
By using bentonite mineral with unique crystal layer structure, it firmly locks the odor molecules.
Just sprinkle the Dr. P Magical Powder inside the cat litter and mix it well, the odor will disappear.
Ideal for all types of cat litter, which is convenient, effective and harmless.
It’s multi-purpose that could be used for other stains or odors at home.
Respects the principles of health science, it brings a fresh and comfortable environment to cat and owner.

Volume of use:
Every 48 hours per bag for 1 cat. Every 48 hours 2 bags for 2 cats.
Not recommended for more than 2 cats using one litter box.



Net Weight:1.6kg(8 package)